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Since 1996, Bothwell Law Group has helped courageous whistleblowers recover government money lost due to fraud, waste, and abuse.

What Is A Qui Tam Whistleblower Case under the False Claims Act?

US Capitol Dome In most cases, only the person who has been injured can bring a lawsuit. But "qui tam" cases are an exception to this rule, and allow individuals who know about fraud being committed to bring a lawsuit to recover money owed to the government.  In other words, it allows private citizens to "blow the whistle" on people engaged in fraud, waste, and abuse of government funds. The whistleblower is then entitled to keep a portion of what is recovered.

How Does the False Claims Act Protect Whistleblowers and Relators?

Open law bookOne of the first questions we are asked by would-be whistleblowers is "will I be protected if I investigate or pursue an action under the False Claims Act?" The False Claims Act contains a whistleblower protection provision intended to protect anyone affected by investigation of possible fraud on the government.

You should contact a lawyer to discuss whether this whistleblower protection provision can apply to you. All initial contacts with Bothwell Law Group are free and confidential.

Taylor Bean & Whitaker $320 Million Mortgage Fraud False Claims Act Settlement

House for saleBothwell Law Group announces the conclusion of its clients' seven-year long civil False Claims Act case against mortgage giants Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corporation (TBW) and Home America Mortgage, Inc.

How Do I Choose A False Claims Act Attorney?

Hand carrying a laptopProsecuting a fraud can be scary business. Choosing the right lawyer to advise you doesn't have to be. But once you make the decision to step forward and do the right thing, selecting the right lawyer, one with expertise in this highly specialized field, is the single most important decision you will face.

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About the False Claims Act

Sculpture of Abraham LincolnThe False Claims Act was originally enacted in 1863, largely in response to widespread fraud and profiteering committed by government contractors during the Civil War.

Bothwell Law Group fights hard to protect the law as Congress intended it to be interpreted and to help Courts of Appeal and new Congresses to correct judicial error that creeps into the dynamic of prosecutions under the False Claims Act.